Objectives Video Production, 3D Animation, Advanced Titling, ChromaKey Compositing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Advertising, Video Marketing, Social Media Optimization,

Web/Print Design, Tech Support, Computer Repair, Entry level positions, Internship

Work Experience Legend Films

Nov/2009 to Jan/2010

(Worked over 500 hours) (Lack of Work)

2230 El Camino Real,

San Diego, CA

(858) 945 5309

3D Production Artist

AM Strategies

(June/2007 to Sept/2007) (School Start)

4010 Morena Blvd # 210,

San Diego, CA

(858) 490-6910

Graphic Design Intern

UCSC Porter Mail Room
(Sept/2006 to present)(School End)
301 Heller Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-2273
Mail Room Staff

Phil’s BBQ
(June/2007 to Sept/2007) (School Start)
3750 Sports Arena Blvd,
San Diego, CA
(619) 226-6333
Customer Service

UCSC Dining Services
(Oct/2005 to June/2006) (School End)
301 Heller Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-4169
Customer Service

Ocean Beach Antique Mall
(July/2005 to Sept/2005)(School Start)
4926 Newport Ave
San Diego, CA
(619) 223-6170
Computer Repair/Update

(June/2006 to Sept/2006)(School Start)
422 W Washington St
San Diego, CA
(619) 291-1277
Customer Service

Skills Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, 3D Studio Max, Maya.

Dreamweaver (HTML, PHP, CSS), Online Social Network Engineering and Marketing, SEO, Traffic Funneling/Diversion, Online Identity Management, Search Engine Reputation Management.

Advanced knowledge of Windows, Mac OS, Office, Google Apps, Advanced knowledge of PC component repair/assembly and updating. Knowledge of Recent Art History of 20th Centruy, emergence of video art, Postmodernism and Semiotics.

Accomplishments Production and Sales of Launch Videos for E-commerce Product Launches

Working on 3D conversion for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Video Ad for

Newspaper Advertisments I created with AM Strategies for Mossy Nissan Group printed in Largest San Diego paper, Union Tribune.

Graphic Design for

Work with UCSC visual print and film design group Eyecandy and work for UCSC courses.

Composite effects and titling for highschool’s daily television program.

Animal rights group poster design.

Presidential Campaign Volunteer.

Activities Drive By Projector Art, Side-of-Building projector art and VJing with Projector

Visual Effects for UCSC live music events

SDHS Varsity Tennis team

Academic League

Model United Nations

International Exchange Friendship Club

Interests Digital film production, graphic design, video art, gaming, neurofeedback, computers, sacred geometry, psychology, discussing current events, analyzing symbolism in literature, brainstorming business ideas!
Education UC Santa Cruz

Major: Film & Digital Media

GPA: 3.8

Awards: SERAS Award for student employee excellence

……….Film and Digital Media Courses taken at UC Santa Cruz:……….

FILM-42J Cinema-Architecture-Environment

FILM-20C Intro to Digital Media (Internet, cyberpunk, social networking)

FILM-20B TV Culture & Society (Advertising, semiotics, Cultural Currency)

FILM-20A The Film Experience

FILM-134B American Film:1960-Present

FILM-120 Film Theory (Semiotics/

FILM-170A Digital Media Production (Flash/Aftereffects)

FILM-136A Experimental Film & Video (Semiotics, Fluxus, Duchamp, postmodernism, video art)

FILM-132B International Cinema

FILM-170B Film/Video Production (Final Cut pro/Adobe Premiere)

FILM-168 National Cinema & Culture

FILM-162 Film Authors: Alfred Hitchcock

FILM-161 Documentry Film & Video

FILM-80S Advanced Film and Digital Media Studies

San Diego High School of International Studies

Graduated with International Baccalaureate Diploma

GPA: 4.17

Awards: National Honor Roll

Presidents Gold Award

Scholar Athlete

SDHS Semester Honor Roll

References Michelle Marlo

Creative Director at AM Strategies
(858) 490-6910

Deborah Bussey
UCSC Porter Mail Room Manager

Aaron, Josh or Phil
Managers and owner of Phils BBQ
(619) 814-0050

Dora SanFilippo
Albertsons Manager
(619) 291-1277

Jon Icardo

Extra information About Myself

I will become dedicated to whatever task is given to me. The psychology of advertising and visual marketing has been a strong interest of mine for a long time. I began to test my skills with programs like Adobe Aftereffects, Photoshop, Premiere, and 3d studio max in high school. I took micro and macro economic courses in addition to courses in digital media and began to realize the power advertising held as the most influential and effective educational tool currently operating within society.

I just graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in Digital Media.  Before that I graduated from the IB Diploma program with over a 4.33GPA at SDHS.  I would be so happy to get any paid or non paid work experience at the moment but I will tell you a little about my previous work with digital media production which you may or may not need to utilize me for.  Either way I believe i can become one of the most valuable members of your team.  I have interned as a graphic designer at AM Strategies in 2007 (San Diego ad agency responsible for Mossy Nissan, Ikea).  After interning at AM for a month I was productive enough to be temporarily hired for the last week I was available.  Recently, during my last school quarter this spring I was hired (for a UC job lasting until I moved back to San Diego) to build websites for our language program (one of them here and I also helped edit and composite video programs for my high school TV station and then for my college TV station SCTV.

Although i am fully fluent in Microsoft Office, computer repair, troubleshooting and other necessary office skills, I have a passion for web design, marketing, advertising, editing, cinematography, pre-production, photoshop, 3d work, final cut/avid/premiere but especially Adobe After Effects.  I began learning graphic and web design over 6 years ago on my own and am totally self motivated and focused.  In my free time I study marketing, SEO, Social media Engineering, Online Brand Management, and other online traffic diversion practices and techniques.  I can also work full time and have experience working a 9-5 schedule at AM Strategies with Adobe creative suite under significant pressure to create advertisements in a professional environment that promoted speed and consistency.

I am a fast learner and a highly adaptive worker, I can do anything you ask of me, throw any task at me and I will impress you, and I will prove it.  I have only received A’s and B’s throughout all of my highschool and college experience and this will reflect onto the quality of my abilities in the work place.  I am strong enough physically to do manual labor and I am highly skilled to do most any task on a computer short of advanced programming.  I am always researching the cutting edge of technology and business and I have been educated (by school and by self)  in various disciplines spanning art, philosophy and science.  I have recently taken up an interest in learning the inner workings of real estate, finance, banking and macroeconomics building upon the knowledge I received from my Macro and micro economics and stock trading classes I had taken in college.  I can work with anyone and I am 65% fluent in Spanish.  If there is any chance of a commission type system I will work even harder as I have always been deeply motivated by this.  Please give me a chance to impress you and your team.

Thank you for the opportunity


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