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Subvocal Recognition and Voice2Skull. Yes, We Can Read Your Mind By Scanning Your Vocal Chords!

“Subvocal recognition (SVR) is the process of taking subvocalization and converting the detected results to a digital text-based output. It is similar to voice recognition except it is silent subvocalization being detected.  A set of electrodes are attached to the skin of the throat and, without opening the mouth or uttering a sound, the words are recognized by a computer.” from wikipedia


Electrodes used in subvocal speech recognition research at NASA's Ames Research Lab.

Electrodes used in subvocal speech recognition research at NASA's Ames Research Lab.

This stuff is pretty scarey, but it get’s worse!  Since the 1970’s the technology for projecting voices into someone’s head and even picking up thoughts has been available and is now extremely advanced.  Commercial Applications of this technology could lead to an Assisted Telepathy Machine.  Paired with an EEG this technology could really create some cool Christmas toys or some Gnarly DARPA pyschic soldier tool.  This technology has been refred to by experts as Voice to Skull or V2K

Even the Washington Post has a FIVE PAGE article on projecting voices into people’s heads.

The callers frequently refer to themselves as TIs, which is short for Targeted Individuals, and talk about V2K — the official military abbreviation stands for “voice to skull” and denotes weapons that beam voices or sounds into the head. In their esoteric lexicon, “gang stalking” refers to the belief that they are being followed and harassed: by neighbors, strangers or colleagues who are agents for the government.

So why hasn’t this stuff been used for assisted telepathy if its so real, huh washington post?  Well We all know there are countless victims of this voice to skull harrasment, like this one caller on Coast 2 Coast AM on with an expert who helps these victims.  One way to make voices in your head stop? A specially built EMF proof blanket.  IT SOUNDS CRAZY RIGHT?  But just listen to this interview and read the WashingtonPost article!!!

via Wikipedia and WashingtonPost


SmartDust, MEMS, GEMS, BIO-MEMS. RFID+GPS Nano Powder, Track and Trace Entire Ecosystems!!

This is one of the scariest videos I’ve ever seen.  This video shows clips from News, Disocvery Channel, Science Channel, and other TV shows that are basically bringing into the light these weather control and mass surveillance “internet of things” .

“the idea is to release ten thousand or more of these dust sized probes everyday from airplanes, weather balloons and even satellites.”  All from the side of a dandylion seed, designed to be carried by the wind with its natural design.  “Cloud seeding with thousands of microscopic computers”

Just check out MEMS from Wikipedia but wait, there’s more! RF MEMS but wait there’s-NOOOO  BIO-MEMS and