New Gyroscopic Audi “Spectacle” Billbord resonates Project Looking Glass, Lady GaGa, Contact (1997)

“The manufacturing and transportation of the gigantic rings, the installation of the rings, the hoisting of the vehicles, the first test of the lights, the rehearsals of the launch…By the time the installation is complete, and the unveiling event is about to start, the news about it will have reached those in the know.” – via TheCoolHunter

“Audi, a brand exuding an attitude of self confidence and progressive thinking, and associated with the latest technology and innovative design, is a perfect brand to pioneer this entirely original concept, a new breed of “billboard” created by Access Agency.  It is a display of four life-size Audi cars, suspended inside the silver rings of a massive Audi symbol attached to an iconic bridge structure or in front of landmark spaces — the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge, Venice.” 

. Click Image for Project Camelot explanation.”]gas. Click Image for more info via Projectcamelot “]

Along with numerous other esoteric ritualistic behavior, Lady GaGa has an obsession with these helmet sized and full body gyroscopes.

The Ringed Stargate Machine from the film Contact (2007)

"The anticipation, excitement and buzz will culminate in an epic night-time launch event that we envision including a live symphony orchestra playing on a barge right under the suspended rings or on the bridge itself, a fireworks presentation or a LED light show above the bridge, and the ultimate unveiling of the rings. Bill Tikos" - TheCoolhunter

” The rings rotate around, light-up at night, and move up and down the bridge. Against the backdrop of spectacular urban architecture, the Audi installation reflects Audi’s continuous challenging of the status quo, its capacity to innovate, and its ability to avoid the bland and the ordinary.”

So, is Audi opening a Stargate under this bruidge, and are there four portals being opened? Let’s hope so! I always dreamed that BMW would one day openly manfacture consumer versions of Disc Shaped antigravitical craft for the middle class masses, but hey maybe that will be Audi’s no bid contract to win in the post disclosure world!



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