SKYLINE New Alien Invasion Movie: PLUS 15 New Future Alien Propaganda Films! [Video HD]

Just funny that their is a real program called operation BlueBeam where the military creates a false flag Alien Invasion and creates a global martial law type event, and these alien ships coming down to invade are all firing beams of blue light down to suck people up into the craft

I can’t believe this, not only is this coming out, but another one too, Super 8, JJ Abrams and Spielberg making a movie about an escaped Extraterrestrial Biological Entity escaping from a train crash when the US military shut down a part of Area 51 in 1979, HAH based on a true story, oh wait, What?

I mean look at all of these Steven Speilberg movies ALONE coming out about aliens from

Cowboys and Aliens (2011), Transformers 3 (2011), Terra Nova (2012) Tv Series, When Worlds Collide (2012),  Men in Black III (2012), Interstellar (2012)

Ridley Scott has a a Prequel for Aliens in 2011

And here is another detailed article that i DID NOT read first, but which lists 16 movies “taking over hollywood” for 2010-2012 seasons at

They throw in,Monsters, Megamind, Michael Bay Confidential Alien Project, Battle: Los Angeles, Battleship (Yeah the baordgame movie, it will be like Abyss but the navy fights the water aliens), Paul (A comedy about some comic-con adventurers who meet a real Alien outside area 51 by the buggers who brought us Hot Fuzz etc etc, Area 51 (by creators of paranormal activity), Predators 2???, The Darkest House, Avatar 2, Cloverfield 2, and finally District 10….



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