75,000 Year Old South African Ruins: Adam’s Calender, Now the Oldest Known Ruins of Human Civilization

Including a stone Horus that greets the sun every morning in its correct position and evidence of stone structures shaped like an Ahnk previously thought only to exist in Egypt much later on in history, Adam’s Calender is the oldest evidence of Human civilization capable of moving large stone megaliths which some say radiate energy from the Earth out into the space around it.  These were only discovered in 2003 on the side of a mountain cliff in South Africa by Johan Heine among other researchers hot on the tail of Zachareia Sitchin’s work on the Ancient Sumerian cylinder seal tablets which tell a story of early mankind’s Gods setting up bases from the middle east to South Africa and some say even as far as South America where Klaus Dona has uncovered some amazing pre 10,000 year old artifacts left behind by advanced civilizations with tools too complex for even today’s machinists to manufacture!

via Michael Tellinger’s Adamscalender.com

Make sure to Subscribe to Michael Tellinger’s Youtube Channel for more amazing videos on his works with the secret origin of humanity.


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    Zack, you should be careful with your next move. Very, very careful.


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