Groovy man! Pyschedelic TV Commercials…by…IBM?

When huge megacompnaies like IBM fund the creation of video art like this through the form of a visually  psychedelically arranged TV commercial, it gives me a loty of hope for the Planet Earth, maybe all we really do need is a smart IBM electricity infrastructure, hey hey! So with that said, Wow BRAVO to the creators of this amazing commercial and all of its magnificent shots depicting data as energy flowing in multispectrum colored waves of awesomeness!  Heres what the youtube video had to say after it mentions this link about some smart infrastructure corporate money makin save the planet bullshit from hah

Data is generated from various energy sources. Harnessing that data can allow organizations to run more efficiently, and help prepare for alternative energy sources, adopt electric vehicles, and prevent blackouts. Utilizing real time data from energy usage, like in California, can help build a smarter energy system.
This is data. Data generated from an electrical grid. From wires, streets, businesses, homes. When you can harness data, you can do things you couldnt do before. Prepare for alternative energy sources. Accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Help prevent blackouts. See the data from energy usage as it happens and you can do what they’re doing in places like California…and build a smarter energy system. Lets build a smarter planet.

Hey I never said I was against any of your ideas!  Those of you who think you actually know what I’m really getting at in these writings, and who are resonating at my apparent typed-out manifestations of vocabularical brain waves bouncing around reaching harmonics or dissonance at certain times , you’re right.  But at the end of the day, I just want to sit back and appreciate some amazingly psychedelic video art produced by IBM, hopefully this trend will continue and culminate in projects like the Sony PS3, or microsoft xbox gaming ventures, to really reach that level of immersive virtual realty we’ve been craving for since the 1980s, and when it comes we will have art like this to play with.  Here’s another amazing traffic visualization ad from IBM, and if you like these, stay tuned because there is more to come!



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