San Diego Biochemist Devises Award-Winning MicrobeBrew

Jim Crute has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and worked on pharmaceuticals and biotechnology projects discovering cellular enzymes responsible for DNA replication.  Now he uses his genetic engineering expertise to produce a unique “microbe-brew” fit for the San Diego Bio-tech community. “What I see us doing is adding a different dimension by making beers people don’t make” says Crute

“The company focuses much of its attention on German-style lagers, a style of brew often associated with light, mass-produced beers.”

The company’s American Amber Ale won its category at the 2010 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition, and received awards in other categories. The Elemental Pilsner won the German lager category, third-place overall, and collected six other awards at the California State Fair this year.

“I kind of would rather be doing drug discovery work.  What I calculated was that the first pint of beer that I poured at the brewery — I drank that pint of beer too — it cost us $325,000,” Crute said. “It didn’t taste like it was worth that much.”

The San Diego Union Tribune of SignonSanDiego article leaves out the details of exactly how biotechnology was used to create his beers, the article was in a way misleading to anyone skimming the article and who might assume the beer had an enzyme which helped Mitosis!  Of course I will now investigate the reason this beer is worthy of being called a “Microbe-Brew)

Biotech is becoming amazing! Not only do we have the Google  funded Spider Goats that produce silk milk used for kevlar but now have a new whiskey-derived fuel patented in Scotland genetically modified to produce more butanol and less acetone and ethanol. And oh jesus, Yeast combined with human DNA by Scientists in Sweden to create artificial corneas!!!


I have found this video, explaining the role of enzymes in fermentation, and beer goes through that! So this must be the aspect of the microbrew he’s perfecting.  I will be interviewing him soon and will post the results of how he uses biotech to perfect the trade of microbrewing, IF he gives up his secrets!



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