Boundry=Blurred: Hypereality of Iron Man 2 Fictional Interfaces

minority report on steroids

minority report on steroids

hella wicked

hecka wicked

Wow these conceptual design videos showing the visual effects behind the interface of iron man 2 are extremely important to any of you out there interested in the futureof visual effects style and technical detail that will no doubt become the dominant theme.

From, one of my FAVORITE blogs which you should read:

Here’s a short documentary movie (below) summarizing its extensive VFX effects. From dense information dashboards over 3D architectural holograms to highly responsive real-time 3D interfaces, the movie demonstrates some impressive futuristic views of intuitively manipulable depictions of data. In fact, it is somehow remarkable to notice how the featured 2D screen layouts seem overly cluttered

Holotable of elements requires unobtanium to function 🙂

I’m LOVING this!

WOW, just WOW

Concept Art come to LIFE with CG

Where are there MORE of these AMAZING 3d concept Photos?? Why there are 3 Flickr Albums full of them! OneTwoand Three .  And so all of you aspiring 3d artists, just remember, the future is what we map out in modeling programs today, and those interfaces will become a reality faster than we can imagine.  This is one of the most solid examples of mind manifesting matter, so keep up with this trend in film if you want to have a style thats technical enough for everyone to love!


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