Project Orion: space battleships that could have been

In the mid 1950s, America was 10 years away from having defeated the evil Nazis. We had just faced the monstrous Communists in the mountains of Korea. Our scientists were the finest in the world, engaged in a heroic battle of the mind against Communism in creating amazing new fighting machines. Americans invented fission power which crushed the mighty empire of Japan, then we invented the awe inspiring fusion bomb. American technologists released godlike powers in a way that no men ever had before, or since. In this amazing time of tailfins and surf music, a small group of men had a wonderful insane idea. Using the technology of fission bombs to go into space.

Here is a website that even sells toy models of these ships!

Strategic air command had an idea for a deep space force of Orion space ships for a retaliatory strike. The bombs themselves were designed to direct most of the explosive energy in one direction, so altering them slightly, you'd get nuclear howitzers which would squirt energy at something you didn't like, like, say, a rooskie space battleship. If you tried to shoot this thing down, all it had to do was point its pie plate at whatever was shooting at it. If the pie plate can withstand a directed nuke blast from a few feet away, it is going to be a sturdy device. And it had thousands of nuclear bombs it can precisely lob wherever it likes.

And here is an interview of the family member Jo Ann Richards of the Military man who worked with these Orion space battleships.  This interview (and poart 3 I link here) is how I even found out about this!  VERY INTERESTING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you listen to ALL of Jo Ann Richards youtube interviews which you can find here


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