Secret Knock-Detecting Steam Punk Mechanical Iris Garage Door Opener

Over at the Submitterator, BFarn tells of his excellent maker-meld of “Chris Schaie’s beautiful Mechanical Iris, Steve Hoefer’s Secret Knock detecting Arduino code, and an engraving made with my scratch-built CNC-Router to make the entrance to my garage/workshop/lab a bit more special.”  This baby will run ya $385.00 but you can get it HERE: Mechanical Iris on the Boing Boing Bazaar

This brass and wood mechanism was originally designed as the peephole for the door to my studio/workshop.

Steampunk in aesthetic and heavily influenced by visions of Jules Verne’s Nautilus, this could be used in a number of settings and applications.

Made from heavy gauge .090 brass and 3/4” birch, this is a rugged item that will withstand years of use. Each unit comes pre-mounted on its wood base. PLEASE NOTE: these are made by hand, individually, by me, in my tiny 300sqft- shop.

BFarn’s project page

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