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Innovative ArTech Showcase: Interactive QR Code Necklace Made From Color 3D Printer!

Ever wonder how far a 3D printer can go? Well now we can mix 3D printing via with augmented reality with barcode scanning databases with interactive literal consumer art technology. This is all possible due to the fact that we ALL have smartphones… yes even the 5 year olds have our OLD iphones from 3 years ago,…*sigh*…no wait I take back that sigh, I think 5 year olds growing up on a cellphone with a CPU faster than our old desktops from 5 years ago is a GREAT thing especially because these smartphones have everything in them, microphone, mp3 player, camera, video, GPS, and even a radio data link to the entire Earth and even some servers in orbit and soon to be on the Moon! (and hopefully Mars).  These cellphone computers have cameras, which can now scan line Barcodes to ID supermarket produce, upload the data to amazon or google and compare the prices all while at the store and without typing in the name!  Or it can read the more popular QR Codes that can embed a website link within itself, and these custom QR codes can be generated at this website

“Just submit the text you want to be encoded or the image of a QR code pre-generated, and your image is the smartphones command!  This QR code pendant can contain any encoded message that you wish (max. 25 characters).     The QR codes are now used in many spheres of life. They can contain some both numbers and letters, so you can encode any kind of text information, be it address, phone number, message, name, web link, etc.
Most of the modern mobile phones (and apple iphone was one of the first to feature this technology) can decode the QR codes, making QR-coding a funny, easy and peculiar way to say something.
The pendant consists of two parts – the white part (this one) and the dark part, which can be found here:


Just Imagine how far this could go, imagine a massive 3d sculture of a QR code that contains a QR code within each block, like a self symmetrical fractal QR code!

WOW This girl uses a digital sewing machine to create a QR code Scarf!!!What an awesome trend, how about a clothing design pattern that includes a Jacket COVERED in QR code patterns that ALL function as working QR code links but also blend into what looks like a monochrome digicamo like style! 😀


Secret Knock-Detecting Steam Punk Mechanical Iris Garage Door Opener

Over at the Submitterator, BFarn tells of his excellent maker-meld of “Chris Schaie’s beautiful Mechanical Iris, Steve Hoefer’s Secret Knock detecting Arduino code, and an engraving made with my scratch-built CNC-Router to make the entrance to my garage/workshop/lab a bit more special.”  This baby will run ya $385.00 but you can get it HERE: Mechanical Iris on the Boing Boing Bazaar

This brass and wood mechanism was originally designed as the peephole for the door to my studio/workshop.

Steampunk in aesthetic and heavily influenced by visions of Jules Verne’s Nautilus, this could be used in a number of settings and applications.

Made from heavy gauge .090 brass and 3/4” birch, this is a rugged item that will withstand years of use. Each unit comes pre-mounted on its wood base. PLEASE NOTE: these are made by hand, individually, by me, in my tiny 300sqft- shop.

BFarn’s project page

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MOVIE NASA Ringmakers of Saturn UFOs 2010

Norman Bergrun’s “The Ringmakers of Saturn” is the inspiration for this video of the mysterious rings of Saturn. The big 3 amigo’s on ATS (mikesingh, zorgon, and internos) have each added enormous effort of personal research on this subject, by gathering up to date Cassini satellite imagery that is showing some very interesting anomalies on and around the ringed planet.

See this thread for the amazing analysis from these cosmic experts:…

Also you can download and view all the images used in this video and more here: