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Last Image taken by Soviet Mars Spaceprobe, Showing Phobos, (14mile Diameter) and Aprox 15.5mile long UFO, SECONDS Before Craft Disapeared!

This is the Last Image taken by the Soviet Phobos (Mars) spaceprobe, which shows the moon Phobos, (14mile Diameter) and looky here, an estimated 15.5Mile long OBJECT leaving or entering Phobos Itself!!!

In July 1988, the Russians launched two unmanned satellite probes – Phobos 1 and phobos 2 – in the direction of Mars, and with the primary intention of investigating the planet’s mysterious moon, Phobos. Phobos 1 was unfortunately lost en route two months later, reportedly because of a radio command error. Phobos 2 was also ultimately lost in the most intriguing circumstances, but not before it had beamed back certain images and information from the planet Mars itself.

The Phobos SpaceProbe didn’t even get a chance to finish sending this last photo as the end was cutoff durng transmission!  I bet it had something to do with the anomolus 15 mile long object it had been aproaching!

In the late 1950s and 1960s, the unusual orbital characteristics of Phobos led to speculations that it might be hollow.

Around 1958, Russian astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky, studying the secular acceleration of Phobos’ orbital motion, suggested a “thin sheet metal” structure for Phobos, a suggestion which led to speculations that Phobos was of artificial origin.[28] Shklovsky based his analysis on estimates of the upper Martian atmosphere’s density, and deduced that for the weak braking effect to be able to account for the secular acceleration, Phobos had to be very light — one calculation yielded a hollow iron sphere 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) across but less than 6 cm thick.[28][29]In a February 1960 letter to the journal Astronautics,[30] Fred Singer, then science advisor to U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, said of Shklovsky’s theory: –

The Russians are even planning on going BACK to Phobos with the Fobos-Grunt to explore that Monolith Buzz Aldrin mentioned on CSPAN!

Oh and this Russian SpaceProbe that disapeared after it had sent this last photo also took this amazing infared and viible light compositite over Mars, of what seems to be a City under the surface (we know this from the infared heat signature) LARGER than the area of Chicago!!!

Phobos (pronounced /ˈfoʊbəs/ FOE-bəs, or as Greek Φόβος) (systematic designationMars I) is the larger and closer of the two moons of Mars, the other being Deimos. Both moons were discovered in 1877. With a mean radius of 11.1 km (6.9 mi), Phobos is 7.24 times as massive as Deimos.  A small, irregularly shaped object, Phobos orbits about 9,377 km (5,827 mi) from the center of Mars, closer to its primary than any other known planetary moon. Phobos is one of the least-reflective bodies in the solar system, and orbits so close to the planet that it moves around Mars faster than Mars itself rotates.

Mysterious "Shadow UFO" spoted above Mars Surface by Now Missing Soviet Phobos I and II

Mysterious "Shadow UFO" spoted above Mars Surface by Now Missing Soviet Phobos I and II

Perhaps the Cold War Space Race had gotten more advanced than anyone could have guessed, and the secretive US Airforce/Naval Space Command shot down the Soviet spaceships? 😉 Maybe Star Wars was a true story, imagine seeing a big ol CCCP and Sickel and Hammer on the side of a Star Destroyer!


Deleted NASA Photos Show MASSIVE UFO Aproaching and Passing Space Shuttle+Satellite!!!

I increased the gamma of these Pictures which were Downloaded by Me, and then in photoshop turned into this cllage which shoul make things a little clearer.  These images are defintly from NASA’s JPL ftp server, and were put up sometime in the Spring and then deleted around May.  They were named ISD_highres_STS103_STS103-734-59_3.JPG and ISD_highres_STS103_STS103-734-73_2.JPG and clicking on these links will bring you to a Google Search of these files that will verify the evidence and show you how many other blogs and youtube videos also raised the alarm!   No oficial explanation has been given to date, and I invite anyone to leave comments here and try to help explain what the hell this massive spaceship is.  Who thinks its part of our own Secret Space Program?  Who thinks its not ours and from another world?  Who thinks its just a reflection of a Weather Balloon in some swamp gas?



iPad 3D Projector Uses Glass Pyramid to Create A+ Holograph


Experimental design team Aircord Labs has released a proof of concept videodemonstrating an iPad with 3D capabilities visible to the naked eye. The effect is achieved with a specially designed projector that beams images into a pyramid shaped screen.

Once projected, viewers can move around the floating imagery, almost as if they were real objects in space. At the moment, the design is very pretty to look at and very little beyond that. But it shouldn’t be hard to imagine practical, fun applications. Think 3D blueprints for engineers, or getting a better look at a new pair of shoes before buying. Or, let’s just be honest and admit this will be quickly adapted for porn. [Aircord Labs viaCreativeApplications]

Backup ALL of your Facebook Account Data to prevent Disaster!

YES, in case your Facebook gets hacked/stolen/disabled/deleted, you can now backup your entire Facebook to your computer and browse it as if you were using Facebook!

It’d all thanks to a few good FireFox plugins, specifically the ArchiveFacebook Firefox plugin

And later this year or Q1 2011 there will be released an open source social networking program that wont allow you to be discriminated against by Facebook, and you will be able to “upload” all of your Facebook info and even use dummy Facebook accounts to even make and receive comments from friends while your account’s DATA will be in YOUR OWN Personal control.  Welcome to the Anti-Cloud!


Lockheed Using Strange Gravity Sensor to Spot ‘Subterranean Threats’

The military could soon be hunting for terror threats using detailed maps of the planet’s subterranean territory – thanks to aerial vehicles that tap into the “anomalous gravity signature[s]” of structures built beneath the earth’s surface.

Lockheed Martin has received a $4.8 million, 12-month contract to create a prototype sensor that spots, categorizes and maps man-made facilities concealed underground. And does it all from the safety of the sky, embedded in a drone and linked to cameras that’d stream the data in real-time.

Pentagon blue sky R&D arm, Darpa, is behind this one. Last year, the agency’s Gravity Anomaly for Tunnel Exposure (GATE) program sought proposals for a system that used agradiometer to measure miniscule variations in the pull of gravity. Those variations detect differences in the earth’s density, indicating underground space. And the sensors would even be attuned enough to “discriminate a man-made void from naturally-occurring features such as topography and geology,” according to Lockheed’s press release.

“Our expertise in gravity gradiometers will help increase the capability to detect and characterize subterranean tactical threats,” Lockheed’s Dr. James Archibald says. (I assume he’s talking about the guy dressed in black and illustrated above.) “This capability will help prevent both underground infiltration of secure perimeters and tactical underground operations, keeping our assets and troops protected.”

The final product should be able to “detect tunnels [and] offer a mapped outline of their pathways.”

And this is only the latest in a series of Pentagon-backed projects to map the planet, dig deep, and then destroy. Darpa’s actually got an entire division of projects dedicated to “Underground Facility Detection & Characterization,” which pairs nicely with initiatives to develop bores that punch through 60 feet of concrete, and “rocket balls” that can propel themselves into deep earth – without blowing up hidden WMDs at the same time.


Was our universe born inside a black hole in another universe?

The current explanation of the universe’s origins relies on clumsy assumptions and can’t explain most subatomic particles. A small tweak to general relativity solves these problems – and seemingly proves the universe must have come from a black hole elsewhere.

General relativity, however, can’t explain inflation, so another theory is required to account for it. There’s nothing technically wrong with that, but it’s an inelegant solution, and physicists tend to prefer an all-encompassing explanation to a bunch of piecemeal solutions. That’s not the only issue with the current explanation – it can’t deal with many properties of subatomic particles, consigning them entirely to the realm of quantum mechanics.

Under normal circumstances, this is just an interesting bit of math, and torsion doesn’t really affect anything. However, if densities are increased tremendously, then torsion has some very significant effects. Most intriguingly, torsion makes it impossible for black holes to form singularities. And if singularities are impossible, then what’s at the center of black holes?

This potentially means that many of the black holes in our own universe are the incubators of entirely new universes, each separated by the infinite time gap of the event horizon. That said, some properties of the mother universe could trickle through to its daughters, and detecting some of these properties could actually provide experimental proof of the theory. In fact Poplawski speculates this inheritance of properties could solve another great mystery of cosmology.

The so-called arrow of time, in which time flows in one direction but not another, is a fundamental aspect of our experience. This isn’t accounted for at all by physics, as all of its laws are apparently time-symmetric in that they work just as well whether time flows forwards or backwards. However, the passage of matter through the event horizon would provide a time asymmetry in the new universe, giving it a forward arrow to time. In that way, time itself is a gift of our mother universe on the other side of the black hole.


15 Year old Me Discusses the Symbolism of Moths During 2003 Iraq War

So I was looking through my old high school essays and found this paper I wrote when I was 15 adressing the idea of Moth symbolism on TV during the Iraq War (Vigilante Citizen analyzing Lady Gaga’s Illuminati Butterfly Symbolism?)

Zachary Williams

Period 5 June 09 2003

250 word respones

Epiphany Paper

1.         Being trapped in a box of intellectual conformity for most of my intellectual life, I had only surprised myself on few occasions.  The few times I did come out of the cave to see the broad spectrum of ideas and ideology were during this year.  Shortly after American armed forces entered into the country of Iraq, I remember seeing the view of a camera positioned on a rooftop in Baghdad, Iraq.  I remember seeing around 5 moths all swarming the camera.  I remember the swarm getting a bit larger and then the news channel I was watching at the time cut to something else, most likely because of the moth’s interference.  I then quickly had an idea, and it was not yet an epiphany until I did a little research.  I quickly looked up the word “moth” as a symbol.  I quickly found a link that took me to a page of various cultures symbolic meanings of moths.  I found a very interesting list that contained such symbols such as Flight, Freedom, Release of creativity, bringer of news, divine inspiration, nervousness, change or inconsistency, goals beyond reach, foolishness, speed, day and night, self destruction, and finally insanity.  When I saw this list, I immediately knew how close these symbols tied in with the “war” that was going on at the time.  This extreme metaphysical symbolism would turn any skeptic of symbolism into a believer if this happened to them.  The few seconds the moths had appeared on camera was un-notable for most,  it was my very own epiphany.  Because symbolism is so important, and it actually does exist beyond literature, our work should be kept on the walls so that we can see the symbolism it as well.  The stark walls and empty floors of our artwork should be decorated with the interior design of creation itself.

2.         The study of literature is essential to understanding expressions of ideas of permanent or universal interest and theme.  Because literature exists everywhere, it must be read as the universal language of mankind.  To utilize such a tool means communicating beyond language to all parts of the world where mankind resides.  Whether it is a rite of passage, or a search for oneself, literature binds everything and everyone to specific boundaries if they can accept it.  Literature is crucial to understanding ourselves as a species.  Without it, we would be stuck in a box, or a cave, with no inclination of an outside world.  At least with literature, you can see that there is a hidden truth, and the search for it must continue.  Along the way, themes, symbols and archetypes are riddles along the path and it is up to oneself to put together the puzzle.  And in order to put together a puzzle, you must first find the pieces.  This is why it is also just as important to gain knowledge of about archetypes and symbolism, because without them, there would be no literature.  Truth is the essential key and without it we cannot live in freedom, and without it we cannot live with any hope at all.