So I made a Video Explaining The Benefits of Silver for a Friend’s Website

Even though i made this for a friend’s website before I had my own, I will be using it to promote my own Silver earning system, silversnowball.   I am still going to endorse because it is still and always will be a great resource for info on metals, and I also highly recommend getting a copy of their Ebook, the Great Credit Contraction!  My video only scratches the surface of some of the most important secrets the most powerful humans on this Planet have known since day one.  These nuggets of  priceless information can mean life or death in the future when the Dollar may collapse and only tangible goods will be viable as currency.  In Zimbabwe, where the dictator Robert Mugabe has intentionally imploded the local currency, Zimbabwe dollars are completely worthless and the average citizen “must have .1 grams of gold to purchase a loaf of bread to survive every day” – via The Gaurdian


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