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Billboard Sucks You Into the Scene of a Violent Crime


This augmented reality billboard in the Netherlands involuntarily pulls passersby into a scene depicting the brutal beating of a paramedic. As the shock wears off, the billboard delivers a brief message regarding the citizens’ role in prevention/cessation of violence.

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This Chinese Multifunction Shovel Will Put Your Swiss Army Knife To Shame

Super Multi-Functional Chinese Military Shovel.  Everyone in the wiorld should have one of these! Great items like these can be sold and marketed to large demographics so easily!  Anywhere in the world too!

Heres the link to buy one for under $15, and with a pick function too

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Post-It Assault Rifle: Business iz zeerius bizniz, Comes with Loaded Post-it Clip :D

I’m sure this concept design for a Post-It note dispenser shaped like a rifle is a joke, but I don’t get it. I mean, how are you supposed to kill someone with Post-It notes?? It makes no sense!

Got an idea that you know will just kill at your next office meeting? Show them all how deadly serious you are about it with this new Office Assault: Post-It Gun. Never get caught on the draw(ing) again with this ultimate memo machine gun. Designed for those of you that are big on ideas and short on patience, the Office Assault: Post-It Gun will keep shooting blank pages like Tony Montana introducing you to his little friend. Designer Alex Marshall has rendered two color variations for your enjoyment: High Contrast and Steampunk. He is also the person you should send any design notes too. Don’t shoot the messengers.

Designer: Alex Marshall

[Via GizmodoYanko Design]

Submarine-Powerboat Hybrid Soon To Be On Sale For $3.5 Million

Not even James Bond would scoff at the beautiful Hyper-Sub. After all, how could he not want to step foot onto a $3.5 million submersible powerboat?

We’ve been teased for quite a while with whispers of this craft designed by Marion HSPD, but now the powerboat-submarine hybrid will finally be heading to the production line. Of course $3.5 million may be a tough price tag to cope with, but you’re getting a rather powerful little toy in exchange:

On the powerboat side, it’s a heavy-duty, 31-ft. surface-cruiser with an enclosed cabin. Powered by twin 440 hp inboard diesels for a total output of 880 hp, the Hyper-Sub has a maximum surface speed of 40 knots and a maximum surface range of 500 miles. In dive mode the Hyper-Sub can plunge up to 250 feet, and offers umbilical SCUBA support.

Speed, water, and something James Bond would envy. Yes, I’ll be daydreaming for a while.

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America’s New $100 Bill Might as Well Be a Euro

Today, Obama and pals Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke introduced a more colorful $100 bill that has two added security features, which include “a blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the front of the note that contains images of bells and 100s, which move and change from one to the other as you tilt the note, according to joint release from the agencies.

Is this bill a Communist-style invasion of our civil liberties? A fascist and also very European-seeming prohibition of our Constitutional right to produce and distribute counterfeit currency?

lol just kidding!

But does anyone remember the SDR or Special Drawing Rights new global currency for the banks to use?

And then the showing off of a hypothetical global currency “test” coin at the G8 by Russian Leader Medvidev?

hmmmmm wait a second…..what?

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Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Solid Proof The Price Of Gold And Silver Is Being Manipulated By Major Financial Institutions

Gold and ESPECIALLY Silver should be over twice as high as they are artificially sitting now.

Goldman Sachs Subprime's And Gold Prices. It is obvious how unusually low Gold/Silver is

The bottom line is that the precious metals markets are cesspools of fraud and manipulation.

The markets have been suppressed by the major financial institutions for years, and this has created the potential for a “squeeze” in the precious metals markets that could send the prices of gold and silver into the stratosphere.

You see, the reality is that there would be no gold left in the entire world if all the Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) asked for physical delivery.

Are you starting to get the picture?

And national security is at risk.

Because if the true extent of this fraud comes out, it could collapse the entire financial system.

If you have never heard an interview with Andrew Maguire, we encourage you to listen to the audio interview posted below.  It will really open your eyes to what is going on in the precious metals markets….

The Century’s Biggest Fraud Revealed

This is one of the biggest financial stories of the decade.  Because it is complex, most Americans will not understand it.  But the fraud and manipulation in the gold and silver markets has the potential to cause a massive economic collapse even without all of the other factors talked about on this blog.

Some very powerful people have been doing some really, really bad things.  Once people understand the truth, they will never look at the financial markets the same way again.  Already, faith in the major financial institutions of this country has been shaken by revelations about what has been going on over at Goldman Sachs.  The American people have no more appetite for any more financial scandals or for any more Wall Street bailouts.  But if the fraud and manipulation taking place in the precious metal markets ever gets totally exposed it will change the U.S. financial system forever.

Please get this information out to as many people as you can.  There are a number of very powerful people who are not going to be pleased that sites like this are attempting to get the truth about this massive scandal out.