A look into Scholastic Micro Finance

This new website, is a great way to express the innovation of Micro Finance. Many of us are familiar with Greeman bank or but barely any of us over here at New Earth Community had any idea that micro finance loans could be given out for University tuition and even better enforced through the institutions benefiting from these loans received by their students.

So anyways, this Seattle microlending Web site led by former Amazon employees Kushal Chakrabarti and Brett Witt, has introduced March Microfinance Madness. The new competition — with participation from TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Facebook, Teachstreet, Duke, University of California and other technology startups and educational institutions — is designed to lend money to college students in emerging countries. You can check on it’s leaderboard here:

via TechCrunch


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  1. it is a good services towards the poor top social work this


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