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Space Planes Revealed!

Have any of you ever heard of the X series aircraft like X-20, X-33 etc?  We only know of a few of the unclassified ones, and we will learn of the rest sometime in the future when brand new secret ones are ready.
This is the type of program something like our new space shuttle has come from.
Youve all seen this thing before, the new spaceshuttle to replace the outdated fleet, the Lockheed Martin X-33
This is basically a space plane but with limited features.
also,notice the lockheed martin logo, does this image remind you of something?
Lockheed is truly an amazing company.  Its too bad who they work for because they have such amazing potential for good really.  So has much of our space research really gone into surveillance which will be turned on us or already has?  Well remember that spy satellites were a big part of the Cold War space race.
Lets remember that this stuff isn’t new at all.  Here is the X-20 Dnya-Soar, ColdWar style spaceplane.  If we had them back then imagine what we have now.
“The X-20 Dyna-Soar (“Dynamic Soarer”) was a United States Air Force (USAF) program to develop a spaceplane that could be used for a variety of military missions, including reconnaissance, bombing, space rescue, satellite maintenance, and sabotage of enemy satellites. The program ran from 24 October 1957–10 December 1963″
So with the ColdWar over, what is this all for?
The Global Information Grid, Airforce Space Command, the JFCCNW and the JFCC
This Global Information Grid will be a truly cybernetic and almost omnipresent, omniscient dataveillance system but will be micromanaged by the worlds elite via the US military from the top down, literally, through the use of high orbit laser armed satellites.
“Our prime mission directive in JFCC SPACE is to ensure our freedom of action in space, while preventing adversary use of space against us.”
JFCC? Really? SO I guess we know who has authority over our spaceplanes, or who the imperial starships must radio in to before docking at the Death Star!
Here is our new space shuttles engine
Straight out of StarWars right?
Ok Who here remembers the Aurora?  I am from southern california and the aurora shook my house and all my neighbors would come out and ask everyone else what was going on.  the local news had to eventually come out and say the military was flying fighter jets overhead and creating sonic booms.  I was about 10 years old when this was happening but i remember it so vividly because 1: my whole neighborhood and really the whole city was freaked out and it was really exciting 2: 60 minutes had a scientist on with a freaking model of the two aircraft aurora secret pulse jet orbital plane that “skipped” on the atmosphere And 3. my very conservative and skeptical mother, while walking around town working for power/gas company reading meters, had actually seen the donuts on a rope pattern in the sky and what she described as if “someone had white paint on their finger and drew a line across the entire sky in less than 1 second”
so small!
We see here that just like the scientist on 60 Minutes with his 2 aircraft model of the “aurora”, it does require a primary stage rocket or larger airplane to make it halfway, similar to SpaceShipOne which won the X Prize
The officially announced X-43A with its pulse/scram jet engine creates the famous donuts-on-a-rope
No other engine could ever ever ever produce a pattern like this, and sorry its no conspiracy if NASA is public with this new pulsejet propulsion system! Here is Nasa bragging about their Pulse Jet technology!
Here is the X37
2004 – “NASA has transferred its X-37 technology demonstration program to the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which plans to go ahead with atmospheric drop tests of the prototype space plane next year.”
Blackstar, a leaked spaceplane
Footage of the tests of this vehicle was made available by NASA in June 2008″
Here is the X-40A
“President Bush called on NASA to switch to a concept known as the Crew Exploration Vehicle, a modular spaceship that could be used for station trips as well as journeys to the moon and beyond.”
Now that we know all of this, the whole notion of secret military moonbases doesn’t seem that far off, does it?


A UFO over Pittsburgh during the G20 Summit??

Ok so there have been A LOT of these “Transformer” UFO videos from a lot of different people all living in PA.  The videos are all very similar, showing a very very very interesting looking craft way off in the distance, and then before your eyes the craft grows an appendage with a blinking light and makes itself appear as if it were a normal commercial airliner.  Even though the UFO is very very very low to the ground, you can’t hear it until after it transforms and flies over the populated area.  In this video the UFO is flying over a no fly zone, restrcited airspace designated specialy for the G-20 Summit.

My theory is that our own government has very advanced transforming space planes or Vertical Take off and Landing craft such as the Osprey, which can transform from a dual blade helicopter to a normal looking propeller plane.  I beleive that perhaps our government was showing off some cutting edge space plane or VTOL technology just for the entertainment of the G-20 heads of state and financial leaders.  Because these men really do rule the planet and if anyone shall be granted an audince to the wonders of top secret hi-tech aircraft, it would be them!  I beleive that DARPA and other defense agency programs have craft 20-40 years ahead of the consumer market and there is noting crazy about believing that most UFO’s are simply top secret military tests.  Remember the top secret aircraft dubbed “Aurora” or “BlackStar” that was tested over California in the late 80s and 90s?  That was declassifed and now we know the Aurora is something similar to the hypersonic X-43A